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Welcome to the site

Post  Blood-Vampire on Wed Apr 08, 2015 9:18 pm

Site Rules
-Limit Cussing
-No bullying others
-Do not cause drama
-Help others when you can
-Don't try to over power anyone on the site in any way

This site is a Literate RP Site so your posts when you RP must be at least 5 or more sentences long!

Here is where you can comment and ask any questions or you can Message me privately.

You can also ask to be a Mod or any other status. If you have just joined I would start you off at a low rank but if you prove yourself and show I can trust you then your rank may go up. You must follow the site rules. If you don't I have a right to block you or take your rank away

Ranks to pick from
(I have the say if you are able to join the rank. I also have the right to put you somewhere else if you don't fit in another rank)
Beginner- 5th highest
Delta- 4th highest
Beta- 3rd highest
Mod- 2nd highest
Admin- Highest

Zoey Jezebel Ace Peter
~Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game~

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