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Name- Zoey
Nickname(s)- Zoey
Age- 18
Gender- Female
Type of Immortal- Unknown. (But I can change how I look.)
Family- I have a few older siblings but they moved out so I was the only one is the house after they left and moved into a different house or went to collage.
Friends- None
Enemies- None
Boyfriend/Girlfriend- Nope
Talents- I'm a good dancing and I love to swim. I'm pretty fast since I spent almost my whole life in water.
Flaws- When I was younger I was smacked around by my older brother so I'm really shy around guys who are older and bigger then me.
Type (Perfect guy/gal)- I'm into a guy who will like me for who I am. Someone who isn't scared to kiss me in the city. A guy who doesn't care that I'm scared to be around other guys.
Personality- I'm my normal self when I'm around girl. Hyper and fun. But once I get near or talking to a guy I get shy and almost flinch every time a guy moves his hand.
Favorite subjects/Interests- Im in love with water and dancing. I can dance to any music even country. I love science when I was in school which got me into wanting to be a vet soon.
Goals- To come out of my sheep when I'm around guys and to become a famous swimmer or even a dancer.
History- Through my whole life I was the youngest out of my 4 other siblings. Two brothers and two sisters. My oldest brother would always beat me around or slap me. I always tried to run from him but he always got me. When ever I came near a guy in my life and he moves his hands I shield my face and flinch.
Style- I wear a lot of mini dresses when I'm out with friends. But my normal style is a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. I normally wear sandals but I wear tennis shoes when I'm running or out for a walk somewhere.

Name- Jezebel
Nickname(s)- I like Bells or Bella more
Age- 18
Birthday- June 20
Gender- Female
What are you? Were-Fox
Family- I have an older brother but that's it. My mom and dad died from a pack when out hunting one night.
Friends- I don't have many.
Enemies- None but the pack that killed my parents
Boyfriend/Girlfriend- None
Talents- I can rope a cow in under 10 seconds and I can race a horse
Flaws- I talk a lot out horses and the farm life
Type (Perfect guy/gal)- A guy who loves being outside and loves to be with animals. Also a guy who can be the country guy I love.
Personality- I'm love able and easy to get along with. I ever wanna see an animal hurt or shot unless it needs to be. I never will hurt someone I will always let them down easy so they don't feel hurt or upset.
Favorite subjects/Interests- I'm in live with horses and many other horses. I love to be outside in the woods and thoese back ride.
Goals- To become the youngest pro rider.
History- Long story short. I grew up on a farm full of animals and ofcourse horses. I would always be outside with the animals brushing and feeding them. But when I was only 17. Mostly a year ago my parents were killed and we had to sell the farm. Lucky I saved my horse from being sold so now I have her. Shes now 4 years and already ready to race in a pro race.
Style- I wear a lot of plad shirts and short shorts. I wear a black cowboy hate along with some tan boots.

Her horse May:
Her fox form:

Name- Ace
Nickname(s)- Ace?
Age- 18
Birthday- April 19
Gender- Male
What are you? Vampire
Family- Nope. I had a younger brother but he passed away
Friends- I got a few
Enemies- Some girls boyfriends
Boyfriend/Girlfriend- Nope
Talents- I know how to flirt with ears. And I can fix autos
Flaws- It's hard to keep my eyes from wandering from girl to girl
Type (Perfect guy/gal)- I want a girl with a nice body. One that can get down and dirty in the mud for the fun of it. And also a girl that can stand out in a crowd
Personality- I'm a flirty guy who can charm a girl well. Im also a sweet heart once you get pass the whole flirting thing and all that. If I get tied down its hard to lose me. It happened once till she um died in a car crash.
Favorite subjects/Interests- Cars, Motorcycles and things like that
Goals- Nope none really
History- (I really suck at these things) I was born and raised in the south but in Arinzona. I got a great tan from the sun. I learned all the things I know about cars from my dad who had an auto shop which I worked..
Style- I wear a lot of black shirts that are tight on my chest. I also wear skinny jeans that slide off my butt only alittle. I'm not like many guys out in the clubs :p

Name- Peter Nyzer
Nickname(s)- Pet
Age- 19
Birthday- May 9
Gender- Male
What are you? Hot Demon
Family- my mom and dad
Friends- Not many
Enemies- A lot
Boyfriend/Girlfriend- Nope
Talents- Can scare the crap out of a lot of people easy
Flaws- I'm a demon and I have some anger issues
Type (Perfect guy/gal)- A girl who can over come the demon side of me. She also should have a good body.
Personality- I'm evil mostly cause I can also be nice to people if I'm really close to them or their my family. Or a really hot girl.
Favorite subjects/Interests- Scaring people. And running
Goals- I have no clue
History- I was born an raised in a demon family till I was 17 then I moved out and I was on my own from now on. That's when I started scaring people when I got angry my horns and eyes went red scaring the people around me.
Style- I wear a black shirt with skinny jeans with a beany to cover my horns.

Zoey Jezebel Ace Peter
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